My daughter has had problems with baby psoriasis since she was born.  No matter what the doctor gave her or I fed her, nothing worked. Going to SSS Shelley changed that. She did the Din Y San tests and found she was deficient in minerals. Within 1 week of eating Shelley’s Sexy Salad and drinking more water my daughters skin started to heal and she had so much more energy.  The follow-up test was 100%.  2 years on she is still great!

Gratefully Sara J North Ryde

SSS Din Y San Vitamin & Mineral Testing

Treatments at Shelley Sykes Spas incorporate the Mind, Body & Spirit

When Shelley told us she went down 3 dress sizes in 3 months at a conference she was speaking at, I was hooked.  I have been battling the bulge for 10 years and decided I needed to do something that I knew I could manage, since I’m not that sporty.  I have gone down 3.5 dress sizes, looking and feeling great and have maintained the weight loss for 2 years now.  I have my 6 month SSS Din Y San Check Up and the occasional SSS G5 when I need a boost.  It is the only thing that has ever worked for me and I’m SYKED & Slim!  Monica P.

Get Syked for a Slender You


I have been a client of SSS for 5 years.  Their G5 Treatments are the only cellulite treatments that keep me in my skinny jeans and work!

After a course I tend to just have a monthly blast to keep myself in check.

PS Their Facials are the best too!

Lisa C - Darlinghurst

SSS G5 Cellulite Fat Blaster Treatments


SSS Sports Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage/Le Stone Therapy

As an Actor I need to keep myself looking firm and fabulous.  With long hours, make-up and scrutiny by press we are always expected to keep looking great.  The SSR facial really makes my skin feel and look fresh & I’m told I will be able to keep my Peter Pan Boyish looks indefinitely!

Paul O Brien Logie Winner Home & Away

Divorced and 20 years older than my future bride I needed help to look and feel years younger.  I didn’t quite believe it possible - yet Shelley Sykes did it with her Super Rejuvenating Machines & Serums! Doug C.  Businessman

Super Skin Rejuvenation Facial (Celebrity or SSR Facial)

My son has had severe acne since he was 13.  At 23 he just would go to work, had no friends, never had a girlfriend, low self-esteem and he admitted later he was suicidal.  6 months after Shelley and her team at SSS took him under their wing, his acne was gone as Shelley promised if he under went the ISSPP Treatments.  His scaring is barely noticeable, he is confident happy and looks totally different. Shelley styled him too and I’m pleased to say he is dating.

Brenda & Samuel P Crowsnest

I don’t have acne, but I have a dirty job so I love the feeling of an intensive pore purification once a month.  Adam R. Plumber

Intensive Super Skin Pore Purifying Facial or ISSPP Facial

My wedding was the best day ever!  Everyone commented on my skin and make-up...even more than my dress!!!  I felt & looked like a celebrity.  I really thought I could do my own make-up until I had it done at Shelley Sykes Spas.  The SSR Celebrity facial was a treat to me from my mum, after she had seen the benefits of a course.  She looked like a Cougar-mum after her SSS Rejuvenating Facials! Thanks Shelley we love you!

Francesca & Isabella Leichthart

SSS Glamour Make-Up

Rejuvenation Treatments at Shelley Sykes Spas is Key to Confidence

©2013 Beautiful Unlimited

As an international Sports Player my body has to be in peak condition.  When I trapped a nerve in my back and buttocks I was surprised when the coach told me to go to the SSSpa.  Yet when the therapist put the machine on my back - I knew no one could massage as deep as this machine.  It gave me the relief that I needed to get back into the game. Now I’m a SSS supporter!

Australian Cricketer, Leeds UK

Ditto! All Blacks Rugby Team